Why OKR Financial

What are we looking for?

Great Companies

If you’re a small-to-medium sized company working with an accredited accounting firm and/or R&D tax credit consultant, and have a history of receiving tax credit returns, you’re in our wheelhouse.

Our Story

Jason Neale and R. Stewart Thompson, finance and early stage growth and technology experts, are passionate about finding ways to support the needs of all growing companies that are part of the Tech ecosystem. They know the opportunity cost of waiting three-to-six months for your R&D tax credits to be repaid, and that diluting your hard-won equity to enable growth can be a bitter pill, and very costly when you achieve those growth goals. Their extensive background in angel and venture capital, including several successful exits, was the catalyst to launch an equity financing fund for emerging growth companies and turnarounds in 2020.

What Makes Us Different


Beyond providing debt financing against R&D tax credits and government funded programmes, we also take pride in bringing entrepreneurs into the OKR ecosystem of consultants, angel/VC investors, accelerators and incubators, and other professional service providers


We provide both non-dilutive and dilutive financial solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs, resulting in the possibility to offer mezzanine financing as well: a hybrid of debt and equity financing ideal for certain companies in very particular stages of their lifecycle.


We pride ourselves on quick turn-around. In many cases you can have that much-needed cash infusion in your account within ten days (or less) from filing your R&D tax credit application. Look for some helpful tools on this site including our handy calculator, and our simple on-line application. 

The OKR Difference

Like you, we're entrepreneurs. We understand the pain of trading equity for capital. You don't have to dilute your ownership to grow and thrive. We'll work with you to explore all the options.

R. Stewart Thompson, Managing Partner

Let's Talk!

If you are an investor, an entrepreneur claiming R&D tax credits or government funded programmes, or just want to learn more about OKR Financial, please send us a message in our contact page and a team member will get back to you by the next business day.