Flow Capital OKR Financial Webinar How to Raise Capital and Prepare for Due Diligence

How to Raise Capital and Prepare for Due Diligence


Wondering how capital raising cycle works? Whether it’s debt, equity, or both, early-stage entrepreneurs are often unsure of the right leverage they should be pulling. Tailored to fast-growing companies of all sizes, this webinar will examine real-life examples on how to identify the right capital for you and when to raise it. Understand the playbook for lending and get expert tips on how to best prepare for Due Diligence. There will be a Q&A session in the end.

We’ll cover:

– An overview of the capital raising cycle and how you can apply hybrid approaches to accelerate your company’s growth.

– Simple strategies to maximize the mix of debt & equity.

– Best due diligence practices when raising capital.

– How alternative financing experts and lenders like OKR Financial can support you throughout the process.


3:00 PM GMT


September 1, 2021


Douglas Saxon, Corporate Finance Director, OKR Financial

CFA with deep experience in financial services ranging from Investment Advisor to leading the Corporate Finance/Due Diligence team at Canada’s largest EMD.

Focus on Private Debt/Capital markets including negotiating, structuring, and due diligence on transactions.

Alex Baluta, CEO, Flow Capital

Alex has over 27 years of professional experience in investment banking, equity research, mergers and acquisitions, operations, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Alex was a top-ranked equity research analyst in Canada in the early 2000s, focused on the software sector. His primary focus throughout his career has been advising, analyzing, operating, and investing in small and medium-sized enterprises, primarily in high-growth technology sectors. 

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