OKR Financial UK Level 39 Accelerating Non-Dilutive Sources of Capital Workshop

Accelerating Growth with Non-Dilutive Sources of Capital


In search of funding options to help accelerate your company’s growth? Look beyond expensive equity financing and examine non-dilutive funding options.

Join Bhavik Chauhan, VP Business Development & Marketing, to learn how to access non-dilutive financing by leveraging R&D tax relief and government grant programmes. OKR Financial specializes in equipping startups with accessible capital needed to scale up and to meet immediate cash flow needs.



2:00 PM BST


September 15, 2021


Bhavik Chauhan, VP Business Development & Marketing, OKR Financial

Bhavik brings over 20 years of experience in business development and marketing to his role at OKR Financial. He is also the former managing director of Canada’s largest consulting firm in government funding and cost optimization.

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